You have complex goals and objectives. I translate those ideas into meaningful impact. We achieve this through precise and authoritative verbal expression.

As we work together, we will reach your targets by using written and spoken texts in any required complexity.

Likewise, through dialogue, we will find the best way to coach your teams to be better public speakers and effective communicators.


Marko giving a presentation at Nortal

In Action, 2015

My name is Marko Lepik and I am your new Estonian go-to business writer and comm-coach.

Over the past 18 years, in addition to undertaking consultancy and training projects, I have worked as a journalist (press & TV), the head of communications and PR for the Estonian Ministry of Justice and a political party (in the capacity of a non-affiliated professional employee), a cabinet adviser to two defence ministers, a managing and marketing director to a cultural management organisation and a lecturer.

More than 50% of my consulting projects over the past 8 years have covered the ICT sector.

With an MSc degree from LSE, an MA from Tartu, and having studied a year at Duke, some of my expertise is related to the fields of policy analysis, politics, communication and media, organizational culture, EU governance, cultural identities, and linguistics.

I speak and write Estonian and English on an academic level. I also speak good Russian, decent French, basic German and Finnish, my Siamese is slowly coming along and some baby steps in Pali are taking shape.

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